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Lawn and Snow Service May 8, 2008

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The Bidding Process: An Overview

So you want to know, how does our home association choose it’s lawn and snow removal contractors?


1. The board members give recommendations of companies they know of, or who have been recommended by others. All local companies are eligible to participate in the bidding process.This includes whomever has had the contract the previous year, (if they’ve done an adequate job for us in the past.)

2. After compiling this list of potential vendors, we solicit the contractors and give them an outline of what needs to be done with a deadline for bids. For example, there were five different local companies competing in the 2008 lawn maintenance contract for Brookside Village.  The directors considered each contract to ensure that our requirements were addressed (number of cuts, fertilization, etc.) Each bid is itemized by number of cuttings or plowings.   

3. The directors review the costs differential, quality of equipment available, and previous referrals when considering each potential vendor.

4. A vote is then taken to decide who wins the contract. Because our budget is so small, (Brookside has the least expensive dues of all Canton’s subdivision associations…) we must balance quality of service with overall price.

5. If a vendor fails to live up to our contracted work requirements, we look for another company to step in.


If you have any questions about this process or comments about the service you observe, feel free to contact us at the subdivision answering service at 734-448-1312 or at brooksidesubdivision@yahoo.com 




Brookside Garage Sales, Coming Soon! May 6, 2008

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MAY 15-18, 2008 


Can you pull a BROOKSIDE SUBDIVISION garage sale together in 8 DAYS??? We know you can! But why bother? Here is a little GARAGE SALE motivational perspective courtesy of the www.thefuntimesguide.com …….

Did you realize that when you hold a garage sale, you’re not only contributing to your pocket change but you’re doing our planet a favor, as well?

As cheesy as it sounds, garage selling is a great way to re-use products that you no longer need. It contributes to the recycling, “go green” effort. Yes, having somebody re-use your old stuff actually keeps perfectly serviceable items from clogging up our landfills! (Even Goodwill and Salvation Army send things to the landfill!)

Also, by hosting a sale, you’re teaching your kids valuable entrepreneurial skills. This sounds frivolous, but garage sales are a form of ‘business incubator’, which teach folks the basics of business management – such as marketing and record keeping. When you think about it, garage selling is one of the purest forms of capitalism. Unlike most industry sectors, garage sales have low startup costs, low barriers to entry, and best of all the proceeds are not taxable!

Finally, the garage sale creates a hub of activity in neighborhoods that may otherwise need a little life injected. It’s amazing how many bored people drive around on weekends looking for an excuse to stop. They’ll pull over for real estate ‘OPEN HOUSE’, or a good garage sale – any excuse just to do something. Your garage sale gives them one more reason to get out of their cars, and walk around, recycle and smell the roses. All the while you get to make a buck!

Remember you can always call and have the left-over items which did not sell picked up and hauled out of your driveway for free! On Sunday, when it is all over…call 248-559-9000 and have Purple Heart come and take it all away. It is even a tax write-off!

So hats off to you, garage seller!

Note: Look for the subdivision maps and balloons posted at many participating neighborhood sales, so that you don’t miss a good one!

Welcome Neighbors! May 3, 2008

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Welcome to the new Brookside Village Home Association Blogsite!

Our goal is to keep our neighbors informed with current information and reference tools, as they pertain to our community. Check back often and feel free to leave comments or suggestions for the site. Remember, this is our community and we can all comtribute to make it a great place to live!


Annual Dues: UPDATE May 3, 2008

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The 2nd notice of annual association dues billing is being sent out during the first week of May and payment is expected by May 30th, 2008. Note: There is a late charge applied for those paying during this 2nd round of late billing. If you have not paid this final notice by May 30th, 2008 you are subject to a lien on your home, in addition to interest  and late fees.