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Brookside Subdivision-Wide Garage Sale August 11, 2009

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Join in on Brookside's Sale!Brookside Village will be having its 2009 subdivision-wide garage sale this week, September 17th to 20th.  Usually, our FALL sale is held Thursday thru Sunday the week after Labor Day, but this year we are holding it at the same time many other subdivisions in Canton do theirs.  We felt we could bring in more people into Brookside by scheduling the sale this week.  We are sorry for the confusion, but hopefully you will understand our reasoning.

 This year we are publishing the participant addresses on Craig’s list, however, we will not be making copies of the maps for distribution; nor can we provide balloons, as we did the past two years.  Frankly,  we simply cannot afford the expense.  

So far we have 33 participants. So if you’d really like to see this sale take off, you may email or call us at the following: brooksidesubdivision@yahoo.com or 734-448-1312. We will need your name, address and phone number. 

 So get in touch with us and help make this garage sale a success! Look on Craigslist to see your ads.  Understand that updates are coming in daily and the information is forwarded to the director who is handling the postings, so keep watching for your information to appear.

http://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/gms/1362563906.html (garage & moving sales)

Fall participants as of this date:

315 Meadowlake

374 Meadowlake

561 Meadowlake

599 Meadowlake

249 Coronation

39805 Coronation

39829 Coronation

39889 Coronation

39901 Coronation

432 Buckingham

241 Redfield Court

253 Redfield Court

264 Redfield Court

39614 Kirkland Drive

306 Charterhouse Court

405 Merrimac

417 Merrimac

685 Merrimac

668 Georgetown

39831 Wales

39855 Wales

39856 Fox Valley

39847 Cheviot

39882 Cheviot

39900 Deepwood

40021 Finley

40050 Finley

40051 Finley

40111 Finley

40210 Finley

39663 Scottsdale Drive

39747 Scottsdale Drive

39782 Scottsdale Drive


After the Fall Garage sale is over, what do I do with my stuff? August 10, 2009

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Here is an idea!  Donate your unsold garage sale items to Barefoot Productions.  They are Plymouth’s only live theatre company.  They are a nonprofit, volunteer-driven theatre.  On September 25th-26th, they will be having a garage sale fundraiser to help them continue to provide live theatre productions.  Their website is www.justgobarefoot.com.  Any donations would be tax-deductible as they are a 501c3 company and tax receipts will be available to anyone who allows them to pickup their garage sale leftover items.  They also will have a trailer available to them as well.


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Canton’s annual Hazardous Household Waste collection takes place from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, September 19th at Canton Division of Public Works Building, located at 4847 Sheldon. 

The event is open to Canton residents only and is a great opportunity to make your home and environment safe by properly disposing of waste that is considered toxic, flammable or corrosive.

Examples of acceptable waste being collected include. but are not limited to, fluorescent light bulbs, oil-based and latex paint, paint thinner, turpentine, bug sprays, floor-care products, expired medicine, computers and scanners, dry cleaning solvents, rat poison, household batteries, propane tanks, mercury waste, antifreeze, brake fluid, diesel fuel, kerosene, motor oil and acids.

For more information, call Canton Public Works at 734-394-5150, or Wayne County’s 24-Hour Emvironmental Hotline at 888-223-2363.