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BVHA NEEDS YOUR HELP! January 12, 2010

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It has been my pleasure to live in Brookside Village for more than thirty years.  We may not be the most elite community in Canton, but most of us have pride and maintain our homes in a neat, attractive manner, and our home owner’s association has kept our sub  safe, clean and well maintained for all of those years.

It was not until the fall of 2008 that I was introduced to the intricacies of what truly goes on within our homeowners association.  I must say that a finer group of people will not be found no matter what association you may be a part of.

Contrary to what some may think; No one is ever compensated for any of the work they perform!  All work and effort is on a voluntary basis. Whether it be the complexity of the tasks performed by our Treasurer; or the tedious work of trying to collect dues or going to court or township meetings; or the cumbersome task of getting bids from reliable snow removal or lawn maintenance companies; or the urgent repair work to keep our neighborhood safe… “All work is a volunteer effort!”

As a result, our association dues are the lowest in Canton.

Indeed, we are fortunate, but this is where you can help us keep our dues down!


We are currently looking to add board members to BVHA.  We are hopeful that in this difficult time you may want to add to your resume, and help us build your homeowners association. We need people who are talented in negotiations, (snow removal and lawn maintenance contracts).  We need creative people who love children and are interested in helping to bring fun programs and event days to the kids in our neighborhood. We need tech people who are computer savvy and have the ability to build on and add to our website. We need marketing ideas and multi-talented individuals; and those who like to fix, build, and repair what is broken.

Have we piqued your interest yet?

Like meeting new friends? How about helping to create a “newcomers” packet and distributing it to new homeowners?   And  … You will not have to go it alone. You will have our help and support!

Some of our board members have worked for years in their respective volunteer assignments.  We need to give them support and share in the responsibility of maintaining our subdivision.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has!”

Margaret Mead

You have no idea how important you are!

If we don’t find help within our community soon, we may need to hire a management company, which will result in a dramatic increase in our annual dues.

Anyone interested in helping us to maintain BVHA, leave a voice mail message at


Or email us at brooksidesubdivision@yahoo.com




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snowedincars_resized3   Residents are reminded that during snowfalls of two inches or more, every effort should be made to keep vehicles off the street and NOT to blow or shovel snow into the streets (this is against township ordinance and punishable by a fine.)     There has been a problem in the past with dozens of cars left on the streets after a snow of 2”.  This causes a build-up of snow and ice on the street that is hazardous to drivers.  It can also cause undue wear and tear on snow plow equipment during the subsequent snows.

   If your car is parked on the street and we do receive plow services, please make sure to clear the roadway of snow that was piled around the vehicle.

    In the past the snow removal contractors have been known to charge  our home association extra for problems related to this type of build-up.  If this happens again  contact the police department to assist in fining the car owner  when possible.

   So…everyone please help see that all cars are off the street after a 2” or more snowfall.

  If you have a neighbor who needs assistance, please help clear snow and ice away from their mailbox.  The post office will not deliver to any mailboxes that are blocked by snow.


Residents are also responsible for the following:

*  Clearing your sidewalks of ice

*  Corner lots need to clear their sidewalks down to the street

*  Keeping tree limbs to a clearance of the sidewalks by at least 7 feet

   If you are aware of an intersection that is icy please use caution as you approach.  The board will see that school bus intersections are salted during very icy conditions as funds allow. If you are aware of any such conditions please call 734-448-1312 to report it. Thank you.