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Please know that the subdivision Board IS working with our contracted snow plow company to have our icy subdivision streets salted. Neher Perfect used what salt they had to take care of the ends of the entrances going to the major roads, but ran out of salt after that.

Their salt suppliers begin opening at 3 and 5 am Monday morning and Neher Perfect will be waiting at their door to get loaded and get more salt for our icy subdivision streets.

If you are concerned about a particular section of our neighborhood, please leave an e-mail at brooksidesubdivision@yahoo.com. Otherwise, we ask that you please be patient as our snow plow company will be continuing to work on getting more salt on our icy subdivion streets. Thank you!


SNOW PLOW CONTRACT January 14, 2018

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We are again using Neher Perfect for our contracted snow plowing this winter season, and they would like residents to review the following:

“Please have old/rotted mail box posts fixed/ replaced to help with the weight of the snow and slush that could be forced upon them. Also, if homeowners could have all VEHICLES OFF THE STREETS (especially if you live on a court!), it will help not only plow trucks but the homeowners as well—if slick conditions occur, the chance of another vehicle sliding into a parked car is very high. If vehicles are not removed from the street until after plowing is finished, $35 per parking space will be billed to the vehicle owner—not the Association—for cleanup. Neher Perfect will also be charging $25 per home for any homeowner that is removing snow from their property and placing it into the streets that have just been plowed, and the plow drivers will come back to check these areas. These areas will cause the snow to compact and make a very hard, icy, dangerous area in the road for people and cars passing through, as well as for the plow trucks. Any damage to lawns must be reported within 24 hours of the snowfall. This may have happened if you see dirt and sod fragments on top of the snow.”


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There will be no collection on Monday, January 1. All collections will be delayed by one day this week of New Year’s. Collections will take place Tuesday-Friday this week — that’s Friday for Brookside Village!